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Student's Life

APMS School is an environment that is bustling with activity, full of excitement and overflowing with life. Students build friendships, learn responsibility and work hard in a safe, secure environment.  Whether we are singing, acting, competing or learning, we are doing so in a unique way to create an education that defines a lifetime.  At APMS, our students experience many fun and exciting events that involve the entire school.  From field trips to participation in the Annual Day Program , we believe in the importance of the entire student body being involved together.


The Kindergarten is a fun filled program designed to enhance the development of the whole child.  We have experienced, dedicated and nurturing staff members to make preschool a rewarding experience for your child. We nuture students academically by teaching handwriting, reading/language arts, and number readiness.

Lower School

In addition to providing a solid academic environment, we believe that physical activity is an integral part of education.  Throughout the day, our lower school students experience plenty of time to exercise. Running around outside playing kickball or kho kho , our students have time to interact with each other outside the classroom. 

Middle School

The Middle School  program is designed to meet the needs of the students grades five through eight as they become mature, independent workers and thinkers.  Students are expected to be personally responsible in a framework that allows for intellectual curiosity and the development of positive moral and social values.  Through bonding trips, no-cut athletics and fine arts programs, our students are allowed to grow and development and are ready for Upper School.

Upper School

Our Upper School prides itself on a rigorous academic schedule. With our clubs, athletics and fine art electives, students can grow and mature in their areas of interests.  APMS’s dedicated staff forms close bonds with our student body and the upper school students are able to form valuable relationships with them. Academics combined with the positive social, athletic and aesthetic experiences provide a nurturing atmosphere for the whole student.
In addition to a full academic program, students have many opportunities to participate in extra-curricular and athletic activities on campus. We also have soccer, cricket, basketball and volleyball teams. 

Beyond Academics

Being one of the best schools in Coimbatore, we firmly believe that a child who is exposed to a multitude of experiences, as opposed to being solely focused on book-learning, is the kind of child who grows up to excel socially, emotionally and professionally in a inter-dependent and complex world. These influences are gently introduced into the child’s perspective over his or her time at Inventure Academy through Inventure Academy’s Co-Curricular activities.

Road safety program

Every day children and young people are interacting with the road and traffic system either as a passenger, pedestrian, cyclist or driver. Road safety education in schools aims to prepare and equip this vulnerable road user group with the knowledge, skills and positive attitudes that will enable them to stay safe.

  • A Smart Steps professional learning workshop for educators working with young children up to 4 years of age is available.
  • This section provides information on programs, resources and professional learning that helps early childhood educators and parents deliver developmentally appropriate road safety education to prepare young children to become safe and independent road users.

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Eco-awarness camp

In an endevour to take learning beyond the narrow walls of the class room and textbooks and give real life experience to its students, there are field trips organized throughout the year.

  • The students have already visited Top slip this academic year.
  • All these field trips would be integrated with the curriculum of the respective classes

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Visit to milk manufacturing unit

Educational visits and field trips add a lot of practical knowledge to the learning.
  • It is interdisciplinary in nature and comes as a learning tool for all the subjects .
  • It is an extended learning outside the classroom. Our student visited the Aavin Milk Plant (Coimbatore) and learnt about the nutritional value of milk, processing and packaging of the milk products.

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